Mister FPGA kit contains DE-10 main board, USB HUB board, I/O board, 128MB SDRAM,RTC Real time clock board and four pieces metal cases.

    DE-10 board is the main board you need for the MiSTer project. It hosts a Field-Programmable Gate Array that acts as a re-programmable circuit. You can use the DE-10 Nano with the MiSTer gaming platform to electrically recreate the hardware of over  12 classic games consoles, and 71 classic arcade machines.This device natively outputs a digital video and audio signal through HDMI, then the native resolution can be upscaled up to 1080p. At the same time, it can be used in combination with mister I/O board, and the output analog signal includes RGBHV/RGBS/VGA.

How to install the games for MiSTerFPGA ?